2009-02-20 Exsila vs. Bookmooch

I’ve accumulated lots of points on BookMooch – more than 180 points at the moment. But I’m having two problems:

  1. Sending books to the states is expensive.
  2. They never seem to have the books I’m looking for.

There’s a local exchange site here in Switzerland called Exsila. The problem there is that I have to assign a price to my books. While adding the book to your inventory, the site suggests to use the retail price (?), but I’m sure nobody wants to pay that much. This was easy for BookMooch: Every book is two points; sending outside your country is an extra point.

So what happened is that I entered a dozen books and looked at my listing. Ten of my books were listed as “best price” but two samples revealed that I was also the only one with the book in question. The two books were I was not “best price” seemed to be going for 10% or 20% of the price the system had suggested to me. Damn. Go back and edit those prices? Hope to score? Compare with Amazon?




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