2009-03-18 Bad Luck Nice DM

DM James is a nice guy. He really wants us to pick all the prestige classes and weird feats from all the books, he wants us to succeed. But my character would rather die heroically than live through the mercy of the DM. Thus, against my will, DM James instituted the rule that ones and twos will be rerolled when it comes to hit points. He did that when he saw my paladin rolling a one for two consecutive levels. Recently we gained another level and I rolled that d10.

I rolled a one.

James laughed and ordered me to reroll.

I rolled a one.

“Wow, the gods really want you to have that one!” We laughed. “Go on, roll again!”

I rolled a one.

We laughed and laughed, and James grabs the d10, “Gimme that die, you don’t know how to roll!”

He rolls a four. Everybody is happy.

I say: “Well, the curse has been broken!” And I roll the d10, just for fun.

I rolled a one.

We laughed until the tears were streaming down our faces.



I had a player roll four ones in a row on a d20 tonight. We were playing Spycraft. It costs the game master one of his action dice to ’activate’ a player’s failure. The first time I spent a die and activated it. The second time I spent a die and activated it. The third time I decided to save my remaining die and just let it go. The fourth time... I just laughed at his misfortune.

Samuel Van Der Wall 2009-03-18 13:16 UTC

I was a pretty soft DM. When playing the older versions of D&D, I always had my players “roll to beat”. In other words, they could keep rolling as long as the number they rolled was higher than the previous one. However, once a lower number was rolled, they had to stick with the highest one they had rolled? Sounds confusing, but it worked well. You might roll a “1”, then a “6”, and then a “3”. You’d get the “6”.

Dead Orcs 2009-03-18 20:42 UTC

That’s a nice rule! I like gambling. ;)

– zeno 2009-03-19 19:20 UTC

I’ve recently come to appreciate a different house rule: Everytime you go up a level, you reroll all your dice. If you beat your previous hit-point total, you get to keep it. That’s a nice middle-ground between taking averages and rolling for every level.

AlexSchroeder 2009-03-19 19:37 UTC

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