2009-05-01 Ur-Quan Master

Ur-Quan Masters Screenshots Following the link chain from Erol Otus Interview to An interview with fantasy artist Erol Otus to The Ur-Quan Masters I ended up wasting a few hours playing this game. Multi-platform (Windows, Mac OSX, various GNU/Linux and BSD variants) awesome using astroid-like navigation when in combat (turn you ship clockwise or counter-clockwise, thrust, and shoot) with lots of weird aliens that you need to convince of an alliance.

The Ultronomicon is the Ur-Quon Master wiki. Go to the non-spoiler hints and look at the First Things To Do page. :)

Also, check out Wikipedia’s Star Control for some context. The Ur-Quon Master game is equivalent to Star Control II. Originally published in 1992!

Makes me want to play Ultima IV again; the xu4 port is available for Windows and Mac OS X, gratis but not Free Software. I love using a ship and firing those cannonballs at monsters!

Also check out Old Guy RPG Blog’s work on a player’s handbook for Ultima, I-III, OD&D style.



I managed to waste the entire day playing Ur-Quan Masters and Ultima IV instead of drawing maps or preparing my D&D games.

AlexSchroeder 2009-05-02 01:05 UTC

How can a day playing Ultima IV be wasted?

– Sektat 2009-05-03 09:17 UTC

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