2009-05-15 Water Temple

Water Temple As people started posting their One Page Dungeon 2009 submissions, I decided to post my Water Temple submission as well.

I drew the map by hand on traditional graph paper, scanned it, manipulated brightness and contrast until it looked more or less OK, imported it into Inkscape, traced it, and added text wherever I found some free space.

In my Alder King game, this water temple provided adventure for two sessions. The first session was spent trying to talk to the kuo-toa living in the temple, fighting a crazy loner, and luring some others into an ambush. The next session they discovered a well that eventually led to the stirges’ nest and the priest. They never discovered the necromancer lair and he still lives beneath the city of the flying monkeys in Quin Parr’s realm. I like to return to old adventure locations and thus I’m sure that the necromancer will turn up one way or another in the sessions to come.



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