2009-05-27 Fight On Issue 5

Fight On! #5 has been released. :) ✊ ✌

As usual, I have stuff to say about Lulu pricing, and shipping and handling in particular!

The Spire of Iron and Crystal by Matthew Finch 36 pages $9.95
Swords & Wizardry Monster Book by Matthew Finch 140 pages $11.50
Knockspell Magazine #2 by Matthew Finch 86 pages $10.15
Fight On! #5 - Spring 2009 by Ignatius Umlaut 88 pages $9.00
Coupon Savings (MAYCONTEST10) $-4.06
Subtotal $36.54
Shipping and Handling $23.31
Total $59.85

Shiping and handling is more than 30% – that hurts. I heard that they’re working on International Shipping Solutions. Let’s hope they get their act together, soon. I’m looking at “This should greatly reduce the shipping costs anywhere in Europe.” And I wonder: Are they talking about Europe the continent, or Europe the Union that Switzerland is not part of?

I’m a bit surprised that the adventure and Knockspell #2 both cost more than Fight On! #5. grumble

Ok, now I have to make sure to get something in for #6. Let me see… Due date is June 27!



I heard a rumor that international customers might get cheaper (flat rate) shipping for three items or less.

Must remember that for next time.

AlexSchroeder 2009-05-29 20:30 UTC

Yahoo! My name in lights. It was bound to happen some day.

– Marco 2009-05-30 08:00 UTC

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