2009-06-26 One Page Dungeon Contest Judging Duty

It’s over!! ✌

We had 111 entries to read. There were 112 entries at first, but then I got promoted to judge and had my entry removed from the list. :'( Assuming an average of 10 minutes per entry, you’re looking at about 18h of reading! Judges of the 1PDC 2010, take note! ⚠ I’ve found that I generally looked at less than ten entries per day, so if you’re also taking some days off, you’re looking at a two week period, minimum!

Day Entries
1 8
2 6
3 11
4 6
5 3
6 8
7 20
8 10
9 10
10 11
11 4
12 14
Total: 111

Once you’re done, there’s the task of actually getting a best-of list together. What we did is this:

  1. Everybody nominated twenty entries and proposed a category for each.
  2. We prepared a list of the thirteen entries that got three or more nominations.
  3. Everybody again nominated three to five entries from this smaller list.
  4. Based on these results, we proposed the top three for the categories Best, Best of Old School, and Best of New School. And no, we avoided a discussion of what the categories actually mean. We just took all the judges’ gut feeling into account and started from there.
  5. With those out of the way, we prepared another list of judges’ picks. This list consisted of the remaining nominations from the list having three votes or more, and it included other suggestions by the various judges.
  6. We then assumed three picks per judge and did some jugling around such as to avoid duplicates. This worked out remarkably well.
  7. Based on this proposal, judges then got to decide whether they were happy with it. Some of us decided to nominate other entries from our original twenty instead of the second list of popular entries. The idea was to not only reflect popular opinion but to also capture some of the more eclectic entries out there.
  8. Again, we reworked this list, trying to limit ourselves to about eighteen entries (sticking to the idea of three entries per judge).
  9. The result was our release candidate 1. Everyone got to check whether their favorites were still on the list. And we discovered that one had been lost in the process. Ooops!
  10. We fixed the entry, renamed a category or two, and sent out release candidate 2 of the list. There were no more objections.
  11. DONE!!! ✌ ❤ :D 👌 8-D
  12. Actually, it turns out we need to give it one more look: Every judge had to nominate one of their three picks (remember that those three were sometimes not the judge’s most favorite entries because we wanted to avoid overlap), and pick one of them for the prizes. This is how the judge’s picks got divided into “runner ups” and “honorable mentions”.
  13. Now we’re done. Phew!! :)

So now Phil and Michael are busy preparing the announcement and the PDF they had promised. I think the plan is to publish the list on July 1 (”midnight!” :D) and then we’ll see about the rest.

Personally, I’d love to host all the entries on a site and provide a wiki to go along with it so that everybody can comment on them and reuse them. I’d like to write about what I liked and didn’t like, using OPDC entries as examples. We could build a sort of dungeon writing how-to, collaboratively. It could be awesome. We’ll see. I’ve already collected links to all the entries that have been self-published by the authors (and Phil has done the same)

Thanks Philippe-Antoine Ménard aka ChattyDM, Michael Shorten aka Chgowiz, Mike Curtis aka Amityville Mike, David Bowman aka. Sham, and Dave Chalker aka Dave The Game.

I think this contest was made possible by the RPG Bloggers network. That’s how I found all these wonderful blogs online. Great idea!

Winners! Phil lists One Page Dungeon Winners and prizes, and so does Michael with Announcing ... the winners of the One Page Dungeon Contest. David writes 112 Page Dungeon Contest and Mike writes Winners of the One Page Dungeon Contest. Yay!! :llap:



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