2009-08-18 What to Run at a Small Con

Apparently, OerliCon is a small, yearly con in the Zürich area. I’ve signed up from Friday evening to Sunday morning (with a hike planned Sunday afternoon). I’ve seen two games I’m interested in: A Legends of the Five Rings game, and a Traveller game – both on Saturday evening slots. There’s not much going on Friday evening. Naturally my thoughts turn to running games myself. I should be prepared to run something, at least!

So I’m thinking:



Con games are easy: Expect nothing and everything. Take everything people do at face value. Don’t try to play mind games with gamers you don’t know. Be upfront about what you are planning to do.

I might bring Dungeonslayers, because I like it. Also, Mouse Guard, since it is so easy to run with little prep.

– Harald Wagener 2009-08-19 11:00 UTC

Naja, wenn du am Freitag Abend etwas leitest spiele ich vielleicht lieber bei dir mit! :D

AlexSchroeder 2009-08-19 13:26 UTC

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