2009-08-23 Old School Flyers

I recently planned to run some Stonehell at a local mini-con called OerliCon. I ended up forgetting my notes (shame on me!!) and improvised an adventure based some maps by Tim Hartin. The players didn’t get far, etc. Doesn’t matter – what I wanted to show was my flyer:

So, what did I do?

  1. I used one of the pages from the Dungeon & Dragons Coloring Book found on Monster Brains [1] via Grognardia [2] as a very light background
  2. added my own picture so that people can find me if they’re interested
  3. added a link to Michael Curtis’ Stonehell ;)
  4. added my own name
  5. and, most importantly of all, I provided some statements about old-school play, mostly gleaned from the Old School Primer by Matt Finch

The statements, translated:

High death rate probable Easy character creation
Combat is quick and easy No skills, no feats
Survival depends on strategy Challenging players
Heroes not superheroes Malevolent underworld
Gameplay is unbalanced Finding treasure is the goal
Hire spearmen and torch bearers Gain levels finding gold

Maybe that’ll help you create your own flyers? Specially considering the recent TARGA discussion rekindled by Michael Shorten. [3] [4] I could convert the Open Office document to a Word document, but I’m not sure whether it’d still look the same.

Feel free to suggest improvements and to make it your own. I don’t own the copyright to the image from the coloring book, so you might want to consider swapping it out. If you do, please let me know what you used. I’d love to use something without copyright risk. (Free Culture, I miss you.)



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