2009-08-26 Oddmuse Footer

I’m thinking about not using a goto bar at the bottom of my pages:

1. show goto bar only once                                                       
*MyOldGetGotoBar = *GetGotoBar;
*GetGotoBar = *MyNewGetGotoBar;
my $MyGetGotoBar = 0;
sub MyNewGetGotoBar {
  return MyOldGetGotoBar(@_) unless $MyGetGotoBar++;
  return '';
1. get rid of extra break                                                        
*MyOldGetFooterLinks = *GetFooterLinks;
*GetFooterLinks = *MyNewGetFooterLinks;
sub MyNewGetFooterLinks {
  my $html = MyOldGetFooterLinks(@_);
  $html =~ s!<br />!!;
  return $html;

The reason I started thinking about it is a. I hardly use the links in the footer and b. the link to the comments tends to get lost, visually.

What do you think?



I agree with this. I usually think of the top bar as my “User Bar” and the bottom one as my admin bar.

PhillipReay 2010-05-08 00:18 UTC

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