2009-08-27 Podcast Update

MJ Harnish writes about his Bi-annual RPG Podcast Round-up. Let me go through my podcasts as well... Most of them are about roleplaying games, obviously.

I usually listen to podcasts on my portable audio player, so I’m fine with low information density. If I’m at the computer while they’re playing, I will sometimes listen to a show two or three times in a row. That also means that I don’t care about video content.

I think that most interviews are sort of ok when they’re about the person behind a product. I find interviews with people trying to sell their product lame because we’re neither getting critical questions nor a review. It’s just advertising. I prefer a people story.

But now, on to the list:

Unsubscribed stuff still hanging around in my list: Dragons Landing, Gamer’s Haven, Geek Girls Rule!, Godzilla Gaming Podcast, Hackerfunk, The Podge Cast, !SanD Worldbuilding 101, The Tome Show, TrapCast. Maybe if someone convinces me that they changed a lot, I’d resubscribe?

Older lists → 2009-05-14 Podcast Summary.

Update: I forgot to list the Canon Puncture Show!! Oops! :cry:



Hey, just out of curiosity - you listed Canon Puncture as a show you listen to in your post from May, but it isn’t in your August update (except in your mention of Judd). We hope you haven’t stopped listening to us - but if you have, feel free to let me know why, and maybe we can bring you back.

Mick Bradley 2009-08-27 19:25 UTC

Yikes, this is an oversight! I fixed it: The Canon Puncture Show is one of my favorites! :)

I’m also looking for podcasts to server as inspiration for my upcoming Traveller game. Does anybody have a suggestion?

AlexSchroeder 2009-08-27 21:53 UTC

Wow, thanks, Alex. We appreciate your very kind words. We’ll try to keep it up!

Mick Bradley 2009-08-28 14:19 UTC

As always, thanks for listening. Good note about the shop talk, and glad you found our discussion of Mongoose Traveller to be interesting and useful!

Brian Isikoff 2009-09-13 17:17 UTC

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