2009-11-14 Mutt

I installed OpenBSD on my laptop and now I want to get a working mutt setup using my Gmail account. I found an excellent summary online called Using Gmail with mutt, the minimal way.

Networking seems to be veeeery slow. Checking out Emacs from CVS stalling for minutes, pkg_add taking forever, mutt bein glacial. I’m not happy. On the same wireless network the desktop is flying.

From #openbsd:

22:44 kensanata
I’m installing emacs-22.3p0 using pkg_add and monitoring my bwi0 download rate using bwm-ng. I see that the Total column is 0.00 KB/s most of the time. There will be small bursts of 2.95, long stretches of 0.00, etc. All the while the pkg_add progress meter stays at 0%. tmux shows “1:ftp-”
22:44 kensanata
Networking doesn’t seem to work as expected. Any ideas of what I could be checking?
22:49 kensanata
I just tried wget ${PKG_PATH}emacs-22.3p0.tgz and it took forever to log in. Then the progress bar appeared, and I had a few bursts of 20K/s rapidly dropping to 0, climbing back up, dropping back to 0...
22:49 kensanata
And this is for ftp://mirror.swich.ch/ – the same country I’m in.
22:50 kensanata
ETA for the ca. 20MB is over 40 mintes.
22:51 kensanata
My Mac Mini is on the same wireless network. Just for kicks I’m trying the same thing. Already I have over 60% of the file!
22:51 kensanata
Done. All 21MB saved.
22:51 kensanata
Grrrrr. Something is VERY wrong with this laptop.

Han asked me some questions regarding ifconfig and netstat -nr – I pasted the results on a pastebot. [1]

Other people with the same problem. [2] When I ping – my router – I get more than 20% packet loss (sometimes over 70% packet loss) if I run a large CVS checkout in the background.

It turns out that disabling WPA encryption solves my problem! [3] :(

I’m back to OpenWLAN for the moment.

Hm... I’m not so sure. It worked fine for a bit, but suddenly I’m no longer sure. Gaaaah, this sucks balls. Big, hairy balls! >{

Update: Downloading ubuntu-9.10-desktop-powerpc.iso – I just want to see whether it will work correctly or not. I saw various messages online saying that it worked! [4] [5] [6] [7]



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