2009-11-21 Ubuntu For The Win

Well, I decided to install Ubuntu 9.10 instead of trying to figure out what the problem with the wireless firmware (→ 2009-11-14 Mutt). When I installed it while connected to the network via ethernet cable, it offered to download and install the necessary driver for the wireless card. I set up the network, but the device still seemed to be unavailable. I rebooted the system and wireless just worked.


I’m surprised! And awed!

Alpinobombus is dead, long live Confusibombus! (my hostnames are all bumblebee related)

Now I just need to get the correct Swiss German keyboard mapping with the specific keys not visible on the keyboard – bracers, pipe, at sign, square brackets, that kind of thing. :)

The answer to that was available from System → Preferences → Keyboard. In the Layouts section, I picked Keyboard model Apple Laptop, no Separate layout for each window, Layout Switzerland German (Macintosh), and for Layout Options... I picked Key to choose 3rd levelAny Alt key.

Let’s see how well that works. I still have to install my beloved Emacs and see how the Option key turns out. :)

The answer to that turns out to be AltWin key behaviorMeta is mapped to Win keys. ✌

Just for kicks I also activated Ctrl key positionMake CapsLock an additional Ctrl.

I’m also interested in clicking via Touchpad. Don’t let yourself be confused. If xinput list shows that you have an “ADB mouse”, you can still have tapping and dragging!

sudo trackpad tap
sudo trackpad drag

Yay! :)

In order to make this permanent, I added it to /etc/rc.local – without the sudo, of course:

# By default this script does nothing.
trackpad tap
trackpad drag
exit 0



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