2009-12-11 Looking for Headphones

Koss Porta ProWhile walking around I use either the Apple earbuds (specially when all I’m doing is listening to podcasts). When listening to music, eg. in the office, I use the Koss Porta Pro that I bought as a cheap replacement for my Shure in-ear headphones.

Facepalm! But now I’ve started working in a large office again, people are talking on the phone and discussing stuff. I work better after 17:00 because people start leaving the building and clients no longer make phone calls. My hope is that getting good headphones allows me to add an hour or two to my workday. The guy sitting in front of me owns a Bose Acoustic Noise Cancellling® Headphones. Switching them on is like entering a dreamworld. Everything’s so quiet. But people on hifi-forum.de don’t like the Bose sound. They think they are too expensive. And I won’t link to their website because they have popup ads for their own products! On their own site! How stupid can you be. Facepalm!

He also offered to sell his Beats by Dr. Dre Monster “Studio High Definition Headphones with Powered Noise Cancellation” – but the hifi-forum.de people don’t seem to like those, either. Too expensive for a bass slinger, they say.

So, what to pick? @stfn42 writes “I chose Sennheiser PXC450 over the Bose QuietComfort 3” – well, that’s a start. And expensive, too. But that gives me some search terms to use in the forum. What I do is look at all threads that involve a comparison and note the other headphones mentioned.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 @ Promusig I found some recommendations for the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 – available from Promusig next door for CHF 259.–

Buying from a local shop is important because then I can give it back or have it repaired without having to send it in. And now, after having bought it, I find that there’s just one shop on toppreise.ch that sells it – and it’s selling the headphones for CHF 263.– Hurray!

I went to the shop and wore the ANC7 for a bit. Unfortunately I don’t have cute little monkey ears, so I have to fold them a bit in order to get them all into the cup. It was ok. The music color changed quite a bit with the noise reduction switched on, but nothing too bad. Noise reduction also wasn’t fantastic. But I bought it because it got much better reviews than the Dr. Dre Monster. We’ll see how it goes.



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