2009-12-27 Mass Combat

My Alder King game will soon end with a huge battle. I’m planning to continue the campaign, but some of the primary player characters will probably be settling down as well and secondary characters will take over. Entourage Approach for the win! 🙂

The rules I proposed are based on the Mass Combat Made Easy rules by Robin Stacey aka Greywulf. I’ve added some tactical modifiers and some notes on spell effects, and I’ve added a rule on player characters and other heroes joining units.

I’m trying to make the gathering of the host into its own little minigame: There’s a list of preparations the player characters can make. They can do six preparations for free. Every additional preparation has a 1 in 6 chance of triggering the battle. The battle is triggered after 15 preparations one way or another. The preparations include spying on the enemy, visiting old allies, convincing neutrals to join the fight, and so on.

I wonder if it’ll work. What do you think?



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