2010-02-05 Quality Dungeons

What do I personally like about small dungeons? The kind that keep us busy for a session or two? The kind that would make appropriate entries into the One Page Dungeon Contest 2010?

These thoughts culled from my comments on some of my favorite submissions in last year’s contest: 2009-07-01 Personal Favorites, 2009-07-02 More of my 1PDC Favorites, 2009-07-19 One Page Dungeon Contest Favorites, and 2009-08-23 The Last Bunch Of Favorites.

Do you agree? Do you have other preferences?

PS: There’s still time to submit your entry to the One Page Dungeon Contest 2010 – we have tons of prizes and I have only received two submissions until now. You still have a bit more than three weeks to work on it. Deadline is the first second of March 1, 0:00 GMT (careful about the timezone!)

PPS: Don’t let the list intimidate you. I’m just one of the seven judges. And my own submission to last year’s contest was in no way close :)



I like finding +1 items, they’re real workhorses!

Blair 2010-02-06 00:48 UTC

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A nice collection! :)


Interesting additions by another blogger:

  • a secret that the players can figure out about the dungeon itself, or some similar concept.
  • interesting terrain to make things more memorable and more challenging.


2012-11-17 How To Build A Dungeon


Elementary Principles of Dungeon Drawing.

– Alex Schroeder 2017-02-19 21:56 UTC

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