2010-02-18 Fish, Bird, and Other Favorites

I brought the MP3 player along for our winter holidays. Having a lot of music at our disposal is great. We play fantasy medieval music when we’re playing Dominion. We play the German Captain Future soundtrack when we’re playing Race for the Galaxy. We play Thom York’s The Eraser album and Tom Waits’ Alice album when Claudia and I are on the couch leaning against each other. We hum along when the bird falls in love with the whale, we think of mental illness as poor Edward kills himself, we drift along as a soft voice sings cut up texts about black swans over strange loops and beat box rythms. I remember walking through the sunny village and being blinded by the snow as The Dubliners sing about the McAlpine Fusiliers. There are Balkan Beats waiting for us. There is Karnatic classical music waiting for us. Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake is there in the morning and Belle & Sebastian are there in the evening. Transglobal Underground’s weird world music transmogrification, Bruce Springsteen’s folk songs, the strange Greek-Turkish Rebetika album we bought in Istanbul years ago, it’s all there, dancing around in our head. Truly the soundtrack of a life.



Wo nimmst du all´ die Zeit her um soviel Musik zu hören? Ich habe immer weniger Zeit dafür. Demnächst schmeisse ich den Computer zum Fenster raus, dann wird es sicher besser!!!!!

– der Vater 2010-02-23 12:15 UTC

Oje, das tönt aber gar nicht gut! :)

Wir hören halt viel Musik im Hintergrund: Während dem Essen, Duschen, Lesen – und auch wenn wir am Computer sitzen! ✌

AlexSchroeder 2010-02-23 14:45 UTC

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