2010-03-31 Short is Beautiful

I liked Zak S.’s blog post detailing how he evaluates a city supplement:

the whole point of using someone else’s setting is that you have to do less work and if I have to prep and highlight all over the page or rewrite it then it suddenly becomes more trouble than just writing my own thing – Zak S.

I’ve gone through some old posts of mine and tagged them short (see link at the bottom). Short is beautiful.

I think the beauty of the One Page Dungeon Contest was that it showed me an alternative to the huge adventure books and adventure paths. These adventures are short. One look and you know where the party is and what ever else is there with them.

Sure, I still play in a Legacy of Fire campaign, and I still run Rise of the Runelords. But as I’ve said before, “whenever the party does something I don’t know by heart, I start fumbling through the book.”

I can see that a city supplement scoring high using Zak’s method would appeal to me.

Way back I bought Ptolus. It’s still there, on my bookshelf. I opened it twice, I think. It’s just so damn big, I don’t know where to start.



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