2010-06-15 Indie Games

Back in October 2009 my D&D 3.5 Monday game went biweekly and I decided to find some people interested in playing all these games on my shelf that I had bought but not played. And I hoped that these other people might also have some cool games that I had heard about but didn’t want to buy because I was afraid of collecting even more gaming detritus.

It has been a great experience!

What we would do is try a game and if we liked it, we’d schedule a follow-up session. This is what we have played:

I think the two games I have enjoyed most are Mountain Witch (the setup involving trust and betrayal, and the idea that more and more of our dark fate needs to be revealed before the story can progress) and Dogs in the Vinyard (how to solve conflict with nothing but your rifle, the bible, and mechanics that reward escalation of violence).

The two games I was most disappointed in were Spirit of the Century (we had great fun but I was shocked when I saw how big the rulebook was; I’m not going to buy another fat FATE book anytime soon) and Blossoms Are Falling (the setup was unbalanced in hindsight [1]).



Running The Mountain Witch with you guys was awesome. You were lenient when I goofed up the rules, took the road trip movie vibe of the whole endeavor AND we had quite the ending, I’d like to say …

Harald Wagener 2010-06-15 11:45 UTC

Should look into ICONS. Super hero gaming without the bulk of HERO or even M&M. I really like the random character generation. If you ever read or played Marvel Super Heroes, it is very reminiscent of that.

– Adrian 2010-06-17 07:33 UTC

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