2010-06-15 My Car and BP

I don’t often post about politics anymore, having turned HomoLudens a few years ago. But sometimes things still catch my eye. I’ve become a BoingBoing reader via @boingboing. Recently I found an interesting comment regarding the 2010 oil-spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

OhStevie: Funny how people that drive cars think this is BP’s fault. [1]

Lobster: I agree.

It is specifically my car that made BP executives demand the engineers drill faster. So fast that it compromised the integrity of the hole and required it be drilled twice. It is specifically my car that made BP executives hire Halliburton for the well seals, which were too structurally weak to handle the top kill. It is specifically my car that made BP executives fiddle around letting the oil leak into the gulf while they tried to find a way to stop it with the least damage to their investment. MY CAR is to blame for this, even though I have NEVER bought from BP and even if we used a tenth of the gasoline we do today it would still be profitable, and they’d still be drilling exploratory sites. Also it’s Obama’s fault for not fixing BP’s mess faster, right? Privatize gains, subsidize losses, that’s the American way. [2]

I had read similar comments before. Thank you Lobster, for saving me the time to formulate a response. And I don’t even drive a car.



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