2010-06-18 History of Egypt

I was looking for images of Set and Nergal to add to our campaign wiki. After hours of surfing I ended up on the Project Gutenberg site. This site is awesome. I still remember downloading a simple ASCII copy of Milton’s Paradise years ago and realizing that there was a source of free texts available online. But what I was interested in was the History of Egypt – you should do a search for it right now. I found some good quotes in the History Of Egypt, Chaldæa, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria by Gaston Maspero.

“Nergal united a crafty fierceness to his bravery: not content with being lord of battles, he became the pestilence which breaks out unexpectedly in a country, the death which comes like a thief, and carries off his prey before there is time to take up arms against him.” – Volume III, Part B

Notice the subtitle: “containing over twelve hundred colored plates and illustrations”. Check out the instructions for downloading all the volumes. Once you have all the images in a single directory, picking them for your blog, campaign wiki, or PDF project is so much simpler.

Some finds in Volume III:



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