2010-06-27 Gaming History

Many people seem to be posting their gaming history these days...

Back when I was about 12 we lived in Portugal and anything from Germany was “hot” and passed around in the community. My mother brought a boxed set of something she had gotten from friends: Das Schwarze Auge first edition aka. The Dark Eye. I was supposed to run it for her, the couple she had gotten it from, and their older foster children, if I remember this correctly. We played some classic modules until it fell apart. Scheduling problems? I can’t remember.

I had returned to Switzerland when I was 14, and when I switched schools around 15 I talked some friends into playing it again. We loved it and played it in a public room associated with our school. One of these guys still plays with me! On a school trip I discovered that the Canadian guy in our class played D&D – and I vaguely knew that this was related to what we were playing. We decided that AD&D 1st edition was cooler than this German game we were playing. We never played a single module, however. We figured they must all be lame.

That must have been 1989 and AD&D 2nd edition arrived in the stores. I saw no need for change. Already being conservative with my gaming, I see. The others bought the cool aid and the new books. We switched.

Then I left for Thailand, and by the time I returned two years later gaming had disappeared, life caught up… I bought some games that I never played. Amber Diceless, Paranoia, Gatecrasher (Fudge). I think we tried the GURPS quickstart rules, we tried DM-less pure-storytelling, a friend and I tried to write our own short rules, but nobody else wanted to play them.

Years passed.

In 2006 I decided I wanted to try gaming again. I think greywulf did it! He used my software and talked about the Rules Cyclopedia. I bought it online and discovered the PDF market. He wrote M20 and I started reading EN World. I learnt about D&D 3.5. I bought the rules. And I started gaming again! [1] [2] [3] [4]

Last year I think I started getting interested in the Old School Renaissance. But I had and still have a hard time finding players for it. My godchild, her siblings, and her father are playing a monthly Labyrinth Lord game with me. Nice! In my other campaigns we mostly play D&D 3.5. One campaign has moved to Pathfinder RPG. I’ve managed to arrange for a biweekly Indie game night. Yay!

I guess that’s it.

Thanks, Robin! :)



You’re very welcome!

greywulf 2010-06-27 21:52 UTC

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