2010-07-09 Add Identica Account to Bitlbee

I’m using IRC via Bitlbee to do instant messaging in Emacs. I’ve been using the ui-fix branch of Bitlbee. Here’s how to add an Identi.ca account:

account add twitter kensanata foo
account list 
account 6 set base_url http://identi.ca/api
account 6 set mode chat
account 6 set oauth false
account 6 on

Instead of “6” you need to use the correct account number.

If you already have a Twitter account with the same handle, one of the two will be called #chat_000 instead of #identica_kensanata – join us on #bitlbee @ freenode and help us fix it. :)

Update: I’ve been working on a patch attached to ticket #648 (using Twitter and Identica accounts with the same username) to add support for an Identica protocol.

account add identica kensanata foo
account identica set mode chat
account identica on

Update: A modified form of my patch has been applied. ✌



Hmm. I’m using the Bitlbee package that ships with Debian Sid. Doesn’t appear to have your patch applied. So, using the Twitter hack by changing the base_url works, but then only 13-14 of the accounts I’m following join the chat, rather than the 100+ that I’m following. Any ideas? Or, do you know when native identi.ca support will be added to upstream Bitlbee? Anyway, I’m digging the native Twitter support at least. Tab-completed nicks in Irssi. Finally! :)

Aaron Toponce 2010-09-29 20:00 UTC

Sorry, no idea. I think this only got added to the ui-fix branch, but your best bet would be to contact the author on the #bitlbee IRC channel (Freenode). Good luck!

AlexSchroeder 2010-09-29 20:33 UTC

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