2010-08-02 pTerm for iPad

I’m not too happy with the expensive pTerm app I bought for the iPad. I understand some of my annoyance is due to Apple’s crappy restrictions: third party developers may only use the pubIic APIs which prevent the control key on the external keyboard from working. Stupidity rules!

But my unhappiness goes further than that. I’ve had crashes. I cannot help but compare the clumsy standard keyboard with the awesome TouchTerm SSH overlay keyboard on my iPhone. I was unable to type a Control+Space. While typing I get the feeling that there are slight redraw errors. As I move the cursor through the lines of my Emacs running on the remote system, lines shift left and right by a pixel. When I use tab completion in my shell I see an extra threes or four spaces being inserted. Or is this the literal tab being visible? Either way, that’s not cool.

The one thing that really works for me is the web browser that comes included. I often log into my servers to edit config files, CSS files, or install modules. And the first thing I want to do is reload my web pages to see whether it worked. Smart move!

Anyway, I sent a mail to the (moderated) pTerm discussion list. Let’s see if the moderator is still around. The latest message on that list appears to be nearly a year old!

Update: I guess the moderators are not active...



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