2010-08-12 Last.fm

Apparently I started “scrobbling” for LastFM on Sep 5, 2004; that’s how long I’ve been submitting summaries of music I listen to. Here is a summary of the all-time best:


Funny. A lot of black and white pictures! :)

Anyway. I’m not sure what to do. Last time I checked, there was no Pandora service in Switzerland because of copyright issues. Boooooh! :{ 👎

But in addition to that, I might listen to music at a desktop while working, but at home, when I’m living my daily life, the computer is often switched off and the stereo is out of reach of the wireless network. So even if there was an iPhone app (is there?) it wouldn’t work. I have to physically carry the iPod with 80G of music to the stereo and plug it in. That works. And it precludes me using strange and wonderful online services. That’s why I’m not paying $3/month for Last.fm, I guess. There’s no opportunity to listen to the Last.fm radio. Then again... Perhaps if there was an iPhone app, and it’d work over the wireless network, I might change my wireless setup in order to enjoy it. ;)



Uhm. There is an last.fm iphone app. Well at least in the German Appstore. And it works great even over 3G.

Andreas Gohr 2010-08-13 04:58 UTC

Hm. When I search for “last.fm” or “last fm” I don’t get any official looking result. :(

Currently available in [1]:

Hm... Loosing all the meta-data I have on Last.fm... But Grooveshark for $3/mo? I just started their 30 day trial period.

AlexSchroeder 2010-08-13 10:17 UTC

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