2010-11-01 Character Generation Shortcuts Reviewed

About a year ago I wrote about character generation shortcuts and half a year later I provided an expanded list as a PDF file, and eventually a slightly modified version of it ended up in Fight On issue #10. Today I saw that the bitter ranting madman of Your Dungeon Is Suck reviewed it and said the following:

‘Fast Company’ – Useless: if your players’ creative abilities reach their limit during chargen, get new players.

In a sense, he’s right.

I think the table still works in a convention context, where you want to show off character generation instead of coming with a handful of pregenerated characters. Part of what I’m trying to achieve at a convention is show people how flexible the old rules are. You can go a long way with just three classes, and instead of saying it, I can have people roll on the tables and they’ll experience it. At least I hope they will.

Plus: I like the challenge of random character generation. As such, random backgrounds and traits are just one more trick to get my creative juices flowing, just like random hats at character generation.



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