2010-12-28 My Life With Master

Today we played My Life With Master in our biweekly Monday system experiments group. I liked it! Things I noticed:

  1. All characters were basically identical. There is no niche protection, and none is needed.
  2. Characters had two negative attributes, and the master has two negative attributes. Nothing else was needed.
  3. Players spend a lot of time talking about the scene and explaining the results of the single die roll made per scene. The rules push you into this situation, but there are no rules governing the main activity itself.
  4. As you fail and weariness and self-loathing increase, you start looking at your stagnating love score and realize that you need to find friends and love soon, or you’ll end up loosing against the master. It is a game about finding love. That makes your life as a wretched minion bearable.
  5. The players loved looking up the fate of their character after the master had been defeated. I like how finding closure is part of finishing the session.
  6. The other two characters took their own lives. Mine went on to serve another master. We explained it as the other two dying in the crumbling castle, none of the children rescued, the inspector blamed my character, I hide in a forest and am consoled by a friendly women that takes me in. She, of course, is a witch and turns out to be the new master...

A nice game for one-shot sessions! We created the master, our characters, and ran the game in a three hour session.

I had recently heard about it on Canon Puncture episode 101 featuring My Life With Master. What we played matched what I heard on the podcast. Well done. :)



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