2010-12-28 New Print On Demand Option

RPG Now (aka. DriveThru RPG) is offering print on demand services! And shipping more than three pounds to Switzerland is costing less than $9. I think I like it! :)

My first order (and apparently I am not the only one who ordered one of these):

1 x The Great Pendragon Campaign
Download Format: None.
Print Format: Softcover B&W.
1 x King Arthur Pendragon: Edition 5.1
Print Format: Softcover B&W.
International Shipping (3.363 lbs)
(Direct Link Lettermail Economy (5-7 working days))

One of the driving forces behind purchase was the solo game on the RPG Corner.



Great pick ups. Let us know about the quality of the books. I’ve heard conflicting reports.

Tim Shorts 2010-12-28 20:57 UTC

I’ll be sure to post something!

What convinced me was chgowiz' post on his blog. I’d love to see some Lulu competition.

Another positive review here by Sean Holland.


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