2011-01-21 With Kids

After the game… I try to game once a month with my friend Zeno and his three kids. I love it, and I think they love it as well.

Last time Noah had learnt that his priest of the Iron God could remain at an abbey in Yellzurthi for a year and study to be great and gain levels. Apparently he had been thinking about this ever since the last session because he announced that this is what his character was going to do. Without missing a beat, the others handed him a new character sheet for the character he was going to play in the mean time. Awesome old school spirit, I say! :)

I started using my Character Generation Shortcuts. He didn’t know what to play with the stats he had rolled, so I asked him if he was going to be religious (cleric). He was not, and thus he rolled on the fighter table. The result was mercenary and I explained that the Swiss used to be fighting as mercenaries all over Europe. Immediately his character switched to a different Swiss dialect. We looked up pictures of halberds in a book I had bought (_Weapon_ by Richard Holmes and others). We also rolled up some useful dungeoneering equipment (torches and chalk), a trait (_vain_, start with a mirror, razor, soap, perfume, kohl, and lipstick) (having lipstick resulted in big laughs all around the table) and being an explorer, thus owning a mule, a map, and being in debt (starting with -20 gp).

The map was immediately understood to be a map leading the party to the hidden fortress of the Mitra resistance in the area (remember we’re running this in Rob Conley’s Wilderlands setting from his book Points of Light.

The new character was called Voldemort. A bit later the name Tom Riddle was added to that. I said that Voldemort was obviously a forbidden name and that nobody should speak it aloud. The kids couldn’t resist, of course, and so I said that I’d be rolling a d20 and on a result of 20 something wicked was going to happen. Zeno said that they should be careful, but the kids proceeded to chant “Voldemort! Voldemort!” This happened while they were being attacked by ten pirates. I decreed that an Erynne (from the Swords & Wizardry Monster Book: 0e Reloaded) showed up in the middle of the fight.

To make a long story short, once again their daddy’s character bit the dust… And it was a Str 18 fighter, too! This is the second time the kids caused their dad’s character’s demise. I laughed. :D

I actually wrote a session report (in German).



This sounds like fun. I never really played table top RPGs... but sometimes I think I should try it.

Andreas Gohr 2011-01-22 10:04 UTC

Macht absolut Spass! Wer auf Deutsch einsteigen will, dem empfehle ich Dungeon Slayers, Barbarians of Lemuria (warum die deutschen Titel trotzdem englische Buchtitel haben müssen – verkauft sich das besser?) oder Labyrinth Lord: Der Herr der Labyrinthe (na wenigstens im Untertitel in Deutsch). Ich spiele Herr der Labyrinthe. Die Kinder haben bis jetzt noch kein Bedürfnis gehabt haben, die Regeln genauer durchzulesen. (Die zwei Mädchen lesen im Gegenteil viel lieber meine Elfenwelt Comics.)

AlexSchroeder 2011-01-22 15:24 UTC

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