2011-03-05 Podcast Update

It has been seven month since my last podcast list. I still walk to work and back, each trip taking maybe half an hour. I enjoy listening to podcasts while I walk.

Any podcasts you are listening to you’d like to recommend?

I’d also like to promote the One Page Dungeon Contest 2011 via podcasts. Should I just mail a host for each of the RPG shows I enjoy and ask them?



Glad you’re still enjoying the show. :) Hopefully, the frequency of episodes is a little better lately.

Brian 2011-03-06 18:52 UTC

Besides the mentioned 2D6feet, Canon Puncture and Fear the Boot I listen to the following RPG podcasts: http://sharkbonegames.com/sharkbonecast/ http://www.happyjacks.org/ http://pftdcast.com/

– Florian 2011-03-10 14:14 UTC

Our episodes obviously don’t come out as often as many other podcast’s do. Mind you, the vast moajority of other podcasts don’t go through the same production length and post-production process as Chronicles:PFPC does, either. Still, if you have five lines to write about the show as compared to the others? We must be doing something right :P

I am a long-time regular on the ENWorld forums under that nickname. Same with the Paizo Messageboards and, going back in time, within the NWN community, too. It’s how people know me online in the gaming community and are able to “recognize” me, so it seemed wiset to use that nick on the show. If you’ve listened to the podcast often enough, you’ll know that we also end up using our real names half the time anyway – and that tendency will probably continue as time marches on and the whole “forum identity” becomes less important in being able to reach out to people with some passing familiariy.


Steel_Wind 2011-03-29 20:01 UTC

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