2011-03-11 GM Style Manual

Fight On! Greg Christopher says that he’d like to see more GM Style Manuals. An intriguing thought. This would be something that is different from the mechanics, it would be an instruction manual on how to to run the games the way you do. I guess it will relate to your preferred campaign style or a simple Know Your DM flyer, but it would go beyond it: it would tell you and teach you how to achieve the desired outcome.

I wonder if I could write something like that. Others have, too.

Let me try. What would I tell a beginning referee if they ask for my advice?

My advice is obviously colored by my preference for old school D&D sandbox campaigns.

I should find a catchy name for it! This is the… uh… the Swiss Referee Style Manual! I’m not Swiss, but I live here. Think of the Alps, the forests, the rivers, the valleys, the ruined castles, the army bunkers, the halberds and mercenary traditions, and… I dunno! It makes no sense! But it sure beats Running A Campaign According To Alex. (Does it?)

Anyway, I’d love to keep it short but it ended up being a massive wall of text. Sorry about that! At least it’s less than 300 pages.

Check it out → Swiss Referee Style Manual! ⚠

(I’ve continued working on this style manual and decided to move it to a separate page.)



Awesome post!

Greg Christopher 2011-03-12 01:14 UTC

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