2011-03-31 How To Organize Adventure Notes


A while ago I started noticing that I prefer short adventure material. Short is beautiful. I was having a hard time finding relevant information in the Paizo Adventure Path products, and I noticed how my improvisation was being stifled.

I do like their stuff: I have been subscribed to their module line and to their adventure path line since issue #1. It’s irrational, I know, because I’m unhappy about it at the same time. I’m sure there are people who enjoy all the material and get good gaming value from them, but personally I don’t enjoy reading RPG books. It’s just too boring. I’d rather read a book or a blog. The part I like about playing role-playing games is sitting at the table and doing it, or working on my campaigns by myself. Reading books is not on the list.

Anyway, I’ve been seeing some interesting new posts on the subject and decided to list them here in case you missed one or two of them:

The picture above shows how I prep for a game when I write my own adventure and have a lot of time. Most of my prep is about a fourth of that.



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