2011-06-06 Labyrinth Lord Party Level 12

I’m getting to play test my Styx Underworld with three friends. What sort of party should they bring along?

I rolled up seven arrays of stats and assigned them each one of the seven classes from the Labyrinth Lord book and gave them 600’001 XP. Then I went to the treasure tables at the end and rolled on some of the tables and assigned the magic items as I saw fit. After everything was distributed, I went over the stuff and gave little bonuses here and there.

My own campaign uses the house rule of rerolling all your hit dice when you gain a new hit die. So I gave them all the best of three rolls: 7 hit dice, 8 hit dice, and 9 hit dice except for the halfling who got one die less on each roll (the halfling level limit is 8).

My own campaign also uses the rule of limiting the spells known to the spells per day which is why they have open slots in their spell books. That’s where they will scribe new spells if they meet spell casters that will teach them new things.

attention: work in progress ⚠

plate mail (AC 3), shield, staff of striking (19 charges) w/ continual light 60’ radius, ring of fire resistance, decanter of endless water
special abilities: true oath, anybody holding a hand into a flame will not get hurt and only be able to speak the truth or not at all
spells memorized (cleric of Mitra): \\1. cure light wounds (memorized 4×), detect magic (memorized 2×) \\2. bless, find traps, hold person, silence 15’ radius, speak with animals \\3. cure disease, remove curse, striking (memorized 2×) \\4. cure serious wounds (memorized 2×), neutralize poison (memorized 2×)\\5. raise dead, cure critical wounds, commune \\6. heal, stone tell
royal dwarven plate mail +3 (AC 0), matching shield +2, dwarven axe +2 w/ continual light 60’ radius, potion of treasure finding
special abilities: trained to deflect arrows in Taipur, save vs. paralysis once per round to avoid an arrow
dwarven plate mail +2 (AC 1), matching shield +2, wolf bane sword +1, +2 vs. lycanthropes w/ continual light 60’ radius, ring of fire resistance, potion of speed
sword of the wild hunt +1, +3 vs. undead w/ continual light 60’ radius, elven plate mail of the crab +1 (AC 2, allows wearer to hunker down and look like a natural stone 2/3 of the time), matching shield +1, philter of love, spell book
spells known (student of the sea elf queen Gerdana): \\1. charm person, sleep, read magic\\2. detect evil (memorized 3×), continual light (not memorized), (open slot)\\3. lightning bolt, protection from normal missiles, water breathing\\4. polymorph self (memorized 2×), remove curse, (open slot)\\5. telekinesis (memorized 2×), (open slot)
dagger w/ continual light 60’ radius, spell book, potion of ESP, wand of detect enemies, scroll of stone to flesh, reincarnation
spells known (student of Ubon): \\1. magic missile, light, read languages\\2. invisibility (memorized 2×), detect invisible, continual light (not memorized)\\3. lightning bolt, fly, hold person\\4. polymorph self (memorized 2×), polymorph other, (open slot)\\5. conjure elemental, contact other plane
ring of x-ray vision, feathered spear of the sea elves +1 w/ continual light 60’ radius, elven leather armor +1 (AC 6), cloak of protection +1, potion of poison, lock picks
short bow, 3 arrows +3, 15 arrows +1, 22 ordinary arrows, sun sword of the sea elves +1 w/ continual light 60’ radius, plate mail (AC 3), shield +1, eyes of the eagle, potion of heroism (grants a temporary fighter level 10), thieves’ tools

The party owns some standard adventuring gear as well: pots, trail rations, 4×50 ft. of rope, 4 grappling hooks, 20 spikes, hammer, 2 manacles, pick, shovel, ink, pen, 10 sheets of parchment, 6 vials of holy water, garlic, bedrolls, backpacks, several large sacks for treasure.

The party also owns a treasure map for the crypt of George Crowfeather, Vulture Lord of Rainburgh, who apparently escaped the dungeons of Dis but had to leave his mythical armor, sword, and helm behind. The map shows how enter the dungeon via the river Styx and where to find the secret stash.



I like the Cha 3 fighter :)

Does the cleric really have a faster XP advancement table than the thief?

Adrian 2011-06-06 14:12 UTC

Apparently so. The thief will reach level 13 with an extra 10’000 points because he gets 5% bonus XP for high Dex.

AlexSchroeder 2011-06-06 14:46 UTC

Hm, the session resulted in the following feedback: make sure all characters have daggers (the elf needed one while fighting underwater), all characters need trade goods—jewelery, gold, rings (make it easy to pay for services), the elf needs a longbow and arrows.

AlexSchroeder 2011-06-06 20:38 UTC

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