2011-06-07 First Play Test Results

Two players chose a character each from the list. J. picked the magic user and F. picked the elf. The framing story I had presented involved them searching for the secret stash of loot left in the prisons of Dis and they were going to try to enter the prison from the water—from the river Styx.

The game started in the region called Eternal Swamp. I didn’t have many notes beyond a few visuals. Predictably, the feedback was that the beginning of the adventure needed more of a challenge for players to overcome, or a riddle to solve, or a dark secret to uncover. Good points and something to keep in mind for the next session in 14 days.

Most of the time was spent exploring the Bubbling Stench. My take on the evening was the following:

  1. the boglings as described (”they fear and hate foreigners, too afraid to attack”) have no reason to interact with the party. The afterthought of “may act as guides” required me to ignore the first part, so that needs to be changed. Curious? Greedy? Want to lead visitors to the toad fane in order to be sacrificed?
  2. Lior had been writing up some developments based on the actions of the party. Basically the referee was to figure out whether the events deserve a label such as bloody or joyful leading to more specific random tables of events. I love the idea, but in play the connection between action and resulting event was too tenuous.
  3. Role-playing the important NPC at the fane was no problem, but I failed to tempt the players to sack the temple and loot it. It needs more flaunted wealth, or the priest needs to better insinuate the wealth.
  4. In fact, the areas need treasure just as much as they need random encounters. The bogling camp needs treasure. The dreaming tyrant at the bottom of the lake needs treasure. The toad fane needs treasure.
  5. The pregenerated characters need trade goods such as rings, bracelets, jewels, gold coins, and the like.
  6. Printing what little material I had (which I assume to be around 15%) I already needed 10 pages without the images! This is way too long. I’d fill all 88 pages of Fight On! with this dungeon. Not good.
  7. I really appreciated the lack of a solid spatial map. The simple sketch was good enough. Although I realized that the river Styx flowed in the opposite direction than what I imagined. Must place the toad fane at the other end!



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