2011-08-12 Picking Solar System

I started reading through the Solar System RPG. I’m looking for a new system to replace D&D 3.5 in my Sunday campaign. We want to continue in the same setting (Wilderlands of High Fantasy) so it will have goblins, trolls, fish men, frog men, toad men, alien slave traders in crashed space ships with spider bodies and eel heads, dragons, wizards, clerics, and all that. I’d prefer Labyrinth Lord myself but based on player feedback I’m willing to search some more. It needs to have more mechanical complexity than Barbarians of Lemuria and related rules light products, must not be as weird and peculiar as Labyrinth Lord and related old school D&D variants, must not be tied to a (strongly implied) campaign setting like Pendragon or Dogs in a Vineyard, must not involve as much meta discussion as Burning Wheel, must not be as mechanically complex as D&D 3 or later and therefore the rule book itself should be short, and it must not be too much of an indie game like Polaris or In A Wicked Age. Thus, I’m looking at the Solar System RPG at the moment.

The benefits of Solar System compared to other games suggested at the time: cheaper and Fudge dice. Not a very impressive list, I know.



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