2011-09-17 Video Recording Tourists


Eugene takes little videos while he’s traveling. I haven’t seen anybody else do that. He just points his little plastic box at things and talks for a minute. Later, he uploads stuff to YouTube. I think I like it. I also like that the little plastic box he uses basically just has a big round red button to start and stop recording. Awesome user interface. :)

Eugene has some work to do in Zürich and on Saturday, Claudia and I spent about ten hours with him, walking through Zürich. If you would like to see some summer impressions of Zürich, or hear me talk with my funny accent, go and take a look:

Check out some of his other video impressions. I think I like it. And a low-resolution mono-audio single-purpose video recording device makes more sense that using my HD camera with stereo microphone to record stuff, I think. Perhaps I just need to do this more often.



“Hello, I am Alex and I will be your tour guide”

Fun videos. Thanks for sharing.

AaronHawley 2011-09-19 14:01 UTC

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