2011-11-24 Two Manticores, Old School

Manticore Last Tuesday, the party decided to pick a fight with two manticores. They had heard from a survivor that lizard knights and manticores had attacked a merchant delivering elven goods (cloaks, boots, chain mail) to Longbottle (Lenap). They already knew about the toad men (troglodytes) and enjoyed friendly relations with them, having fought the crab men on their behalf. Yes, Tuesday the party decided to return to the Fight On! megadungeon. 👌

The party consisted of seven player characters and four henchmen. One character had the head of a basilisk (the same basilisk that had turned his predecessor to stone) and when he learned that manticores were stupid, he commissioned a basilisk costume worth fifty gold on which to mount the decaying head. He would scare the manticores away, he said. The party also bought the three toughest nets they could find for five gold each. And they had dozens of flasks with self-made giant badger oil from a previous badger killing expedition.

Thus armed, they went to see the troglodyte king and tried to haggle for a reward, but the king remained adamant. He would let them have all the treasure if they killed both manticores. If they got away with the treasure without killing the monsters, he’d ask for a tax and that was that. The party then bought expensive troglodyte barbed spears for five gold each (no special properties except for the higher price) and some more shields for ten gold each (no special properties either). They also rented a wall-climbing gecko with a trog-knight saddle for ten gold per day.

Three tunnels led to the manticore cave. One player would don the basilisk costume together with the henchmen and cause a disturbance at one tunnel, a fighter would lie waiting in the gecko saddle at the next tunnel, one henchman would act as a runner and everybody else would set up oil puddles and hang up nets at the third tunnel.

I think things happened roughly as follows:

Sometimes I wonder whether my neighbors are bothered by the shouting and laughing starting at 20:00 and peaking at around 22:30 before dying down around 23:00 – we sure aren’t quiet folks at the table, seven players and me... :D



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