2011-12-28 Recommended RPG Reading On This Blog


I’ve looked through my RPG posts for the year 2011 and picked the ones that I’d like to recommend to new readers of this blog.

As I look back on all these posts, I realize how many of them built upon things I had read elsewhere. Truly, the blogs are a major inspiration for me. Thank you all!

How to run your sandbox: 2011-03-11 GM Style Manual got turned into the Swiss Referee Style Manual. There is additional advice on 2011-08-20 Building a Better GM, 2011-05-05 Tools for a Sandbox Referee and 2011-04-28 My Sandbox Starts With A Mission.

How to take notes for an adventure: 2011-03-31 How To Organize Adventure Notes.

How to run combat: 2011-11-24 Two Manticores, Old School describes a fight with many ad-hoc rulings and not a lot of boring to-hit rolls. Here’s a house rule of mine: 2011-03-25 Protecting Party Members In Combat.

How to use special abilities to model subclasses: 2011-12-20 Magic Without Spells.

Character generation: 2011-03-15 Character Generation Shortcuts PDF ended up as a submission to Fight On! magazine.

Atmosphere: I liked the original “The Priest of Chaos Said…” blog post and wrote 2011-06-24 The Priest of Law Said… in response to it.

My own preferences: 2011-06-21 I Prefer Traditional Games, I Think. 2011-05-14 Role Play, not Wish Fulfilment.

Player agency: 2011-09-08 Player Agency was very much influenced by Courtney’s blog posts on the same topic.

Badges: 2011-08-22 Badges is how I see myself as a referee and as a player.

Mapping: 2011-05-24 I Want A Lot Of Labels On My Maps. Also, how to do it: 2011-03-21 The Underdark Gazette is Full of Win (yes, it’s an unlikely title but it goes on to talk about mapping). Let’s not forget 2011-02-12 Map Making Using Inkscape.

One Page Dungeon Contest: 2011-11-01 One Page Dungeon Contest History is about the early days. 2011-04-24 My One Page Dungeon Contest Nominations lists the entries I liked in particular.

Solar System: 2011-09-30 Solar System vs. Old School D&D; also note the long discussion on the comment page.

Reading books: 2011-08-16 Spending Time With Books is about reading a series for the rest of your life as the author will just keep writing novel after novel.

For desperate referees that want to encourage their players to write session journals: 2011-06-16 Session Reports Are Read Just Once, If At All



Beeindrucken, das Wort ’Meister’ passt, 25 Jahre Erfahrung und viel, viel erlesene Kenntnisse. Alex: gerne würde ich wieder mitmachen...

– Chris 2012-01-08 20:54 UTC

Danke. :) Wir nehmen dich gerne auf – du musst nur noch Zeit finden! Zur Auswahl: MyCampaigns. Zwei Spiele finden nur 1×/Monat statt: Dienstags mit Claudia, Zeno und anderen 20:00–23:00, sowie ein Sonntagsspiel, das ab und zu auf Englisch geführt wird 12:00–18:00 ungefähr. Oder flexibler, experimenteller: die Montags Indie Runde 20:00–23:00, wo du gerne so oft oder so selten wie dir gefällt vorbeikommen kannst.

AlexSchroeder 2012-01-08 22:57 UTC

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