2012-01-05 American Charities I Like

The EmacsWiki:EmacsWiki page says “If you like the site and want to contribute something, contribute either time or money: Write content, fix typos, clean up pages by removing old discussions, merging and splitting pages, and linking up and down the page hierarchy. If you do not have time, you can always donate money. Show your support by saying on your homepage on this wiki how much you donated to charity because of the Emacs Wiki.”

But which charities would I prefer, personally? Certainly not the National Rifle Association!

  1. EFF – the Electronic Frontier Foundation fights for your rights when it comes to the information society. If you can’t fight this fight, help others fight it for you.
  2. FSF – I use Free Software every time I use a desktop or laptop; Richard Stallman warned against the effects of software patents, digital restriction management (DRM), the anti-circumvention provision in the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCR). He deserves our help.
  3. Creative Commons – our world needs more Free Culture.
  4. Wikipedia – I hate the Wikipedia donation “stare” but the truth remains: I use Wikipedia every day. Every day.
  5. Project Gutenberg – As you can see, I’m interested in the abuse and corruption of copyright and patents. Project Gutenberg is something positive, for a change. It’s an example of what we could build if copyright were not as strong as it is today. We need much less protection such that much more of these projects can spring up.
  6. Internet Archive – As our culture moves online (movies, music, graphics, games, writing, combinations of them all), we need to think about conservation. What will future historians study if they want to understand us? What happens to your web pages and your blogs when you die? The Internet Archive is the first step in the right direction. Another positive project!

I want to be more positive. :) 👌



I agree about Wikipedia, I finally contributed to them because of the amount of benefit I have derived from their existence.

I have looked into the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the one thing that has held me back is that they spend a bit more on administrative costs than most foundations I normally contribute to (I like as much of my money going to the cause as possible). This segues to my plug for Charity Navigator, which I always try to use when evaluating a charity.

Adrian 2012-01-06 22:09 UTC

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