2012-01-25 Dragons

I want a Concordat of real Worms in my next game!

The real Concordat of Worms (as opposed to the concordat of real worms) is about a dispute about 1000 years old on who gets to choose bishops.

I’m listening to a podcast on the topic. :)

Here’s how I use dragons in my campaigns: They are manifestations of natural forces, kami of forests, mountains, swamps, etc.

However... if all the dragons are manifestations, what happens if one dies? If a black dragon has died, infected by the demon lord’s blood – who takes it’s place? In a recent game the players saw a dying, half corrupted, zombified black dragon limping away when they first approached the swamps near the Maw. Oh, and previously, Yarshag handed a black dragon plate mail and the Greatsword of Swampfire over to the blue dragon at the end of the battle of Charging River. Yarshag had claimed to have killed a black dragon and had used black dragon baby blood to breed his elite soldiers. In this campaign, all dragons are chaotic forces of nature. They are threats to civilization. They don’t care about people but they care about riches. They demand tribute. They can be bargained with if rich and magical presents are offered. That makes them all chaotic evil, if you want to use the classic terminology.

I haven’t used metallic dragons until now.



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