2012-01-28 ratposoni

I use xfce on my old iBook. Yesterday I wanted to switch back to ratpoison. No problem, I still have [RatpoisonSetup my configuration of 2003]. After half an hour I went back to xfce. Why?

The most serious problem was wifi. I work in my living room with a very weak wifi signal. The iBook receiver is very weak. I often loose the signal. When I’m using xfce, something takes care of this. With ratpoison, when the signal goes, it goes. And when it comes back, I can sudo ifdown and ifup and pray and sudo start networking and then it still won’t work. As I said, after half an hour I went back to xfce. Do I have to install this nm-applet I keep hearing about?

Had I spent more time with ratpoison, I would have investigated a solution to have Shift Tab switch windows. It’s hardwired into my motor patterns.

Update: Actually, I tried the solution using nm-applet and it appears to work! I went back to my [RatpoisonSetup ratpoison setup] page and updated it. I’m using ratpoison right now. 👌



Offtopic, but: My next PC will be named “Posoni”.

– Harald 2012-01-28 16:16 UTC


AlexSchroeder 2012-01-29 00:27 UTC

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