2012-02-10 Rise of the Runelords & Labyrinth Lord

On Tuesday I effortlessly managed to integrate the goblin fort from Rise of the Runelords into my Wilderlands of High Fantasy Labyrinth Lord campaign. Monster conversion was simple to do on the fly. Goblins, shaman, panther – no problem at all. Since I have run this adventure path before, I think it’s going to be so much easier to have bits and pieces pop up in my sandbox without dominating the game.

I recently mused on my blog that “the DIY spirit of the old school D&D blogs has convinced me that my preferred style of gaming (it’s a continuous journey as far as I can tell) involves very little preparation and reading only very short descriptions of adventure locales—the Pathfinder products, however, require hours of reading and note taking—the Pathfinder stuff is not short enough.”

Last Tuesday was an attempt at salvaging some of the material. I have all Pathfinder Adventure Path issues—what is that, 5000+ pages? In this case it works because I already ran them once. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to extend this approach to the unread booklets on my shelf.

Should this work really well, I’ll be tempted to not cancel my Adventure Path subscription. Hm



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