2012-03-05 Questions after playing some Pendragon

I ran the intro adventure for Pendragon and it worked well. Things that I would have liked to know but didn’t:

Chirurgy: Is there a quick way to discover how you recover? I ruled that those in need of chirurgy where taken back to castle Vagon and that the lady (Chirurgy 17 according to the generic stats in the back of the book) cared for the wounded. It would seem that the default method of healing would involve getting back healing rate per week and rolling once per week, until the patient recovered half his hit points. I just assumed that the roll would always succeed and got 14 weeks minimum. I didn’t feel like rolling 14 times.

Checks: Do you only earn a check for critical success or can you earn it for “significant” deeds such as arguing that the bandits that had surrendered should all be hanged? In the end I sometimes handed out checks without requiring a critical success.



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