2012-03-11 Pendragon

Another Pendragon session with a different group. Character creation without family history took about two hours. We started the Great Pendragon Campaign but we intend to play only three sessions in all to fill a gap. Although both Claudia and I would like to play more sessions. Perhaps we’ll try and convince the other players to give it some time?

We fought the battle of 485 and I was often lost for a bit. Players don’t roll damage? How does a lone knight disengage and rejoin the unit when their Battle skill is 10 and they get a -10 modifier? I think I rules knockdowns = unseating a rider, which may have been to rough. Also: battle events resulted in a modifier which I applied to weapons skills in addition to the unit’s Battle skill check. Again, too tough. We had most knights unhorsed and lost in the fifth round. We were lucky that it was the last one!

Next, one player wanted to engage in some kidnapping of Saxon leaders or smiths or other people of note before the year ended. He managed to convince another player and I need to think of a suitable adventure for a split party. Hm…



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