2012-05-07 iPhoto and Facebook Privacy Disaster

I created a new album on Facebook and picked a particular list of people to share this album with. I used iPhoto to share pictures on Facebook using this album. After some clicking back and forth I noticed that my album was no longer restricted the list of people I had picked! The album had been reset to the default visibility settings for albums.

What a major fuck-up! ☠ ⚠ 👎 😠

I have resolved to delete all the Facebook albums with non-standard permissions.



das muesstest du speziell auf facebook publik machen! Die versuchen alles um an deine privat informationen zu kommen: und ich will nicht jedem auf facebook zugaenglich sein... also bitte von mir keine fotos auf facebook!

– mom 2012-05-08 20:56 UTC

Apart from the reprehensible FB behaviour, which is par for the course, after all, you are not the customer, you are the product being sold, how do you alter the letter spacing in “no longer” and “major fuck-up” ?

It’s a nice way of emphasis on the screen. It might not work so well in print. It showed up in the RSS feed too.

AlokSingh 2012-05-09 03:49 UTC

Ah, letter-spacing...

AlokSingh 2012-05-09 03:59 UTC

The emphasis style is called Sperrsatz and was used in German for fonts without italics. Some older fonts, like Garamond, didn’t have bold and italic variants if I remember correctly. Thus, some texts still use letter spacing for emphasis. To be honest, I’ve only seen it in reprints of philosophy books. Here’s an example from Nietzsche:


AlexSchroeder 2012-05-09 12:15 UTC

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