2012-05-11 Using One Page Dungeons


In the Labyrinth Lord campaign I run for a good friend and his three kids plus his godson, I was using the Wildlands, the first region in Points of Light by Rob Conley. They had been to Yellzurthi, travelled to Curnitha, visited Delen, protected the elves of Arish a’ Ahon against the ogres along The Maiden Gorge, they had freed slaves from the Dark Guard, searched the first two or three levels of Dyson’s Delve for the remains of St. Ulther, had descended into The Ruination of Tenamen (a favorite One Page Dungeon of mine), had found the Well of the Worm by Harley Stroh and Doug Kovacs and they had found the Lair of the White Salamander by Phillip Larwood and Stefan Poag, two small adventures from Dungeon Crawl Classics #29, and they had been to the Tomb of the Iron God by Matt Finch – it has been a busy campaign! I also recommend the posts on Roles, Rules, and Rools regarding the Tomb of the Iron God.

It was time for a change. Luckily enough they had expressed interest in “traveling to another dimension” looking for allies in their fight against the priests of Set. Excellent!

I improvised a setup based on The Sage’s Tower by Darcy Stratton – another favorite One Page Dungeon of mine – which tricked them into following the trail of Bolothous, the mage who had created the six golems guarding Delen. As the destination I wanted a hex region that was small and dense and I turned once more to the One Page Dungeon Contest. The Forgotten Depths by Aos was the ideal solution. The gate led to the island in hex 0506. Soon they had cut open the small silver dirigible in order to create a boat, defeated some Blood Monkeys and sailed north-east... A new chapter of the campaign has begun!

P.S. I just realized that the campaign itself actually started with Moritz Mehlem’s Mountain King and Dolm River adventures. Good times!



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