2012-05-13 More Recommended Dungeons


Limiting my nominations to less than twenty entries is going to be difficult! I’ve read fifty submissions and already I want to nominate twelve entries!

New entries I’d like to recommend:

Previous recommended entries are here and here. The first post in this series also has the scheme I devised to figure out which dungeons I like and why I like them. According to this system, my nominations mostly got five, one entry got six points and two other entries got seven points.

Actually, let me list the entries that I’d support if other judges are going to nominate them. These entries got four points according to my scheme.

If you’re the author of a particular entry amongst the first fifty dungeons and you’d like to hear a few more words about it, let me know. I hope I’ll be writing a paragraph about all the dungeons I’m going to nominate in the end – but if you want to hear about your dungeon right away, I’ll be happy to talk.



Oh, I got four points for Devil Gut Rock. Thanks for the nomination. I like criticism. I am also writing up my dungeon stats for ACKS right now. I should probably post that on my blog soon now that I am “official”.

Greengoat 2012-06-01 01:39 UTC

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