2012-06-18 A rift in the time space continuum

In our Crypts & Things campaign three characters where trying to escape a haunted pass between Cimmeria and Vanaheim. The last obstacle was a field of fire. The phantoms of the past were trying to flee a rain of fire. When hit by the balls of fire, they turned into burning zombies. The first one ran, evaded the rain of fire, the meteors, bashed through the zombies, and made it. The second one (my character), decided to use his Summoning spell for the first time ever (from the Lamentations of the Flame Princess). I’m going to aim for a 4HD creature to rescue the two remaining characters. Roll for control: missed! A greater creature appears. Roll a 20: It’s special. Roll an 8: It’s a rift in the time space continuum. We start to run and time strikes! The other character ages by about twenty years and the spell ends. We run. We evade the fireballs. We bash through the zombies. We are slowed. We we take some hits. My character falls. The other one drags my corpse through the fire. He goes to his knee, rises, keeps pulling, punches keep hitting their targets. He falls. Our friend outside waits and waits. But nobody comes.

Thanks, Florian Hübner, for an awesome game. 🙂

We made a lot of fun of everything: whenever the game master was saying serious shit chances were we’d take “the sparks rising out of the volcano in response to your sacrifice form a …” and shout “They turn into a fire chicken! Your face! Argh! Argh! Hahahaha!” But then the story would continue and the consequences were still there and there was no arguing about it.

One of us made it.



Yea, that was really a good evening! 🙂

I am still wondering what I will do with Leif and Loki though... I dont want to give them a free pass but things get complicated if there are some outside and the others are still inside. 😕

– Florian Hübner 2012-06-22

You know me: dead is dead! 😉

– Alex Schroeder 2012-06-22

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