2012-06-30 SVG Maps

My sprawling player map at the time: SVG Map.

Is it possible to use Inkscape to create an SVG map that will look good at different zoom levels? At the moment I can see the following solutions:

Just keep adding it to the the existing map. As you zoom out, the map is probably not going to be useful. Your map will allow for some regions to be vague and other regions to be very detailed, however. Perhaps this is good enough.

Use different maps and add clickable links to the maps. I’ve used clickable maps before, usually the links point to pages on my campaign wiki. I could have them point at more detailed maps, however.

Some Javascript code to show and hide details on a map... This is the kind of thing I’d love to use. I wonder what the user interface would look like. Specially since my players would end up looking at the stuff using their browsers. It would be awesome to have a CSS class saying “if width > 200 px, display: none” for the low-resolution hex and something similar for the the high-resolution hex... Maybe that would be a pain to edit...

Any ideas?

Mark Thomas suggested moving elements to different layers depending on the detail level. I guess we could have coastlines on an overview layer, and individual villages and lairs on the details layer, and then you just switch them on and off as required. An interesting idea!



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