2012-07-06 Who was on this expedition?

In my regular Labyrinth Lord game I have seven (often irregular) players, some of them with up to five retainers. It is not unusual for three players to show up and more than ten characters delving into the dungeon. Which leads me to a problem: as I calculate XP and write the session report, I’m a bit unclear about who came along. In fact, at the table we had to have a roll-call twice.

Maybe I should use miniatures at the table to make sure we all understand who is part of the expedition and who is not: To have tokens not for the battlemap but just to have a visual focus of who’s there and who still gets to act and who wants a share of the treasure, that kind of thing.

Updated: These days (2019) the roll call is part of our ritual at the beginning of the session.



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