2012-09-17 Determining Class

This is the algorithm to randomly determine a character’s class based on attributes. I used it for my SVG character sheet and my Halberds and Helmets house rules (like this).

  1. roll 3d6 in order
  2. if Con ≥ 9 and best attribute is Str → dwarf
  3. if Int ≥ 9 and either Str or Dex is ≥ 12 → 2/3 chance for elf (because of level limit)
  4. if all of Str, Con and Dex are ≥ 9 and at least one of Str, Con and Dex is ≥ 12 → 2/3 chance for halfling (because of level limit)
  5. if best attribute is Str or Con and at least two of Str, Con and Dex are ≥ 9 → fighter
  6. if two of Str, Con and Dex are ≥ 12 → also fighter
  7. if best attribute is Int → magic-user
  8. if best attribute is Wis or Cha → 2/3 chance for cleric (because nobody likes to be a heal bot)
  9. if best attribute is Dex → thief
  10. if all else fails, choose a random human class (cleric, magic-user, fighter or thief)

Check out the some characters and some stats. Any suggestions on how to tweak the list?

(This was inspired by my M20 Hard Core Character Generator and this very beautiful character generator by Ramanan Sivaranjan.)

Continued here: 2012-09-19 Determining Equipment.



Nice. I will add to Links to Wisdom.

Jovial Priest 2012-09-17 13:58 UTC


I made a small change: “if best attribute is Str or Con → fighter” allowed a character with Str 8 (-1), Dex 8 (-1) and Con 12 (+0) to be a fighter. I think this character should be a cleric instead. So I changed the rule to say “if best attribute is Str or Con and at least two of Str, Con and Dex are > 8 → fighter” and I changed the default to cleric.

Another change I made: I felt that too many characters with fighter stats ended up as halflings. I felt that the level limits usually discourage more players and so I added a 50% chance to it.

Added hit-points and saving throws.

Coming up with something like Brendan’s equipment table should be next...

And a little undead turning “chart” for clerics, maybe.

AlexSchroeder 2012-09-18 07:38 UTC

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